LucidMedia DSP is the most comprehensive and transparent new media platform offering consolidated buying with a universal frequency cap, preemptive brand-safe filtering, and the scale of a billion daily impressions.

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LucidMedia DSP

LucidMedia Demand-Side Platform (DSP) merges RTB inventory with direct sourced media enabling agencies both large and small to get the right message in front of the right user at the right time. Get Consolidated buying with a universal frequency cap. Get retargeting with integrated third-party audience data.

Advertising & Agencies

Do you know where your ads are running? LucidMedia DSP lets advertisers and their interactive agencies run highly targeted campaigns with maximum relevance across the largest inventory sources. And LucidMedia is the first self-service demand-side platform with transparency and brand safety down to the page level.

LucidMedia Brochure

Looking for a robust DSP? The LucidMedia consolidated buying platform with page-level targeting, dynamic RTB inventory allocation, and universal frequency capping can help you reach up to 95% of the online population. Download our brochure

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